Our earliest years, starting right from conception, including birth and our experiences as an infant and young toddler are our most formative years.

In these years we learn relationship dynamics and skills, how to bond, mobility and biomechanic patterns, emotional responses, personality traits, thought patterns and belief systems.

Beginning in Bliss represents a system to help optimize development in this critical window of time, while simultaneously allowing the family to embrace the totality of the experience - including the oft forgotten components of joy and bliss.

When we begin in bliss, we help set our children up for a lifetime of beauty, bounty and more bliss.

"After working with Dr. Alyssa, childbirth was such an amazing experience. I felt like I reached a whole new level of consciousness".


Hi, I’m Dr. Alyssa Shepherd

Through my work and studies as a chiropractor, birth doula, researcher and mother of 2 beautiful children, I came to realize how important our earliest years, including our time in utero and how we are born, are. I also came to realize how beneficial this information could be for young families. This is why I've put together The Circle for Blissful Beginnings - a place for parents and care providers to educate and empower themselves. So we can truly lead from our hearts, embrace the magic of the early years and the bliss to be shared along the way, and in doing, holistically foster a generation of vibrantly healthy, empowered and thriving human beings.